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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 14, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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goodness. 52 in westminster? 52 in towson. 52 ellicott city. 59 laurel. we push the low 60s around the bay. sparrows point and annapolis, 64 degrees. we got the spread of mid-50s to low to mid-60s. record low of 58, probably not going to be achieved on this morning. we'll get back to our two-degree guarantee of 86 this afternoon but record lows possible tonight. we'll talk about that coming up. 6:00. on this cool july morning. let's take you outside on the roads with kim. >> thank you, i'm getting word of a large piece of wood in the roadway, that is on the northeast part of the beltway of the inner loop near the security boulevard exit so definitely use caution if you're traveling there. for the most part the beltway is looking most quiet. a couple of road closures for artscape, mount royal closed between chart street and north avenue and cathedral street closed between preston and mount royal. and howard street and 21st street. this is 95 southbound approaching whitemarsh
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boulevard, a little increased volume but traffic flowing freely at this time. back to you. we begin at 6:00, with the standoff in northeast baltimore along the almeida. >> one man dead, police looking for the gunman. sherrie johnson joins us with the story. >> reporter: we just checked in with baltimore city police and still no sign of the suspect who shot and killed another man in northeast baltimore. police began searching nor the man yesterday after a four-hour barricade to turned up empty. officers blocked down the 3,000 block of almeida at east 29th street. looking for the man they say killed another man a block away. officers brought in the s.w.a.t. team, k-9 unit and armored vehicles to help catch the suspect. the victim wasn't yet identified but police say he was shot several times. police enter -- interviewed several people but still came up empty. >> we pretty much surrounded that one particular house and evacuated neighbors who lived around that house, took them to a safe location and then we proceeded to have s.w.a.t.
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go in and do their thing. >> reporter: police consider this man armed and dangerous. officers say it shouldn't be too long before they bring him to justice. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and police are looking for the person who shot and killed a woman early this morning here in fells point. sources tell our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neal that she was found out there lying on register street off of eastern avenue just after 3:00 this morning. witnesses tell police that they saw a white or light colored cadillac leaving the scene but no suspects at this point. southwest airlines has been busy overnight inspecting nearly 200 of its aircraft. after a mid-air emergency for a flight bound for baltimore. the 737 was headed to bwi marshall airport from nashville yesterday afternoon but as you can see, on your right side of your screen, we had a football-sized hole opened up in the body of the plane causing a loss of cabin pressure. passengers in the back of the plane could actually see
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outside through the hole! the flight made an emergency landing in west virginia, but all 131 people on board are ok. still not clear what caused the damage. southwest has been inspecting all its 737s. overnight, just as a precaution. an airline spokeswoman says flights this morning and beyond should not be affected. just to be safe abc2 is working for you now. we have provided a web site, a web link to bwi marshall airport's web site and a listing of just the southwest airlines flights and their status this morning. so all you have to do is, what we're doing now, click on the links tab at the top of the home page. endeavour still on the launch pad as thunderstorms delayed the launch for the fifth time. nasa says it will try again early tomorrow night. the shuttle endeavour and seven astronauts had been delayed from their mission for about a month now. if the shuttle isn't flying soon it will have to wait until the last weekend of this month so russia can launch supplies
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to the space station. this next story is going to have you shaking your head. a maryland bus driver photographed reading behind the wheel. a passenger in montgomery took these pictures of the driver reading a book while driving. the passenger says the driver was shifting her eyes between the book and the road veering in and out of lanes for the entire 20-minute ride. >> this is not acceptable to be driving, you have passengers on the bus. it's not just your life, it's other passengers as well. >> a county spokesman for the bus company says that the female driver is still on the job but not driving the buses right now. 6:04. here's the latest on the murder of a florida couple known for adopting developmentally disabled children. a fourth person has been arrested in the execution-style killings of byrd and melanie billings. authorities say surveillance cameras in the home captured the execution. the couple's 17 children are, well, still in shock.
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>> they touched many, many lives around the country and we plan to carry on their legacy. we children have experienced the loss that is unimaginable but as a family we will pull together. we'll take each day one day at a time. >> the sheriff says as many as eight people may have been involved in this. robbery is said to be among the numerous motives. four members of a religious cult accused in the starvation death of a 1-year-old in baltimore are expected to be in a baltimore courtroom this afternoon. the four are scheduled for trial but some are certain the trial will be postponed because two of the defendants, this woman, queen antoine yet and trevia williams have not yet hired lawyers. a lawyer for a pennsylvania day camp for kids says that the club's board must resign before the camp goes out for its offer to return the pool. the valley club near philadelphia is facing a federal lawsuit accused of racial discrimination against the children involved in a summer camp program. the swim club abruptly
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cancelled their memberships citing overcrowding and safety concerns but the children, african-american and hispanic reported hearing racial comments just days before the swim club told camp organizers they were no longer welcome. >> that's not right how they just said that. i came there just to swim. and have fun. they shouldn't be treated that way. >> a lawyer for the camp says the lawsuit could be dropped if both parties can come to an agreement. how did michael jackson die? we could find out by the end of the week. a los angeles coroner's official says that some toxicology results are in but they are still awaiting the remaining results before making an announcement. investigators are looking into whether the king of pop consumed large amounts of prescription medications and the powerful sedative diprivan was found at the home after his death. that reminds us, watch tonight, members of the jackson family say he was murdered. so tonight you'll hear more from michael's father joe, abc will air the special "primetime
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family sections, jacksons after michael" tonight at 10:00 on abc. confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor continue this morning. and senators will get a chance to ask her some tough questions. yesterday sotomayor did most of the talking. hoping to give a sense of what kind of judge she would be. >> the task of a judge is not to make law. it is to apply the law. >> critics say that she will try to legislate from the bench and that her views lie outside the mainstream but supporters say her rerd in 17 years on the federal bench show that she has always put the law above her feelings or preferences. it's widely believed that sotomayor will be confirmed. word from washington this morning. president barack obama wants a health care bill in the senate finance committee by the end of the week. yesterday was the president's first work day in the white house since returning from his trip overseas. students at towson catholic high school and their parents
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are going to meet with the archdiocese tonight to discuss the school's closing. families have been told to find another school but towson catholic supporters are still fighting to keep their school open. they are even trying to raise money to help. >> i couldn't believe that inn -- i believe that $650,000 is achievable. frankly all we've had to do is ask and we've received pledges from the woodwork. >> the archdiocese says it needs to close the school because of massive debt and falling enrollment. opponents say closing isn't the answer. the meeting is tonight at 7:00. this morning will be the first time baltimore city trash collection crews work under their new schedule. it's called one-plus-one, supposed to save money and also increase recycling. crews will collect regular trash once a week and recyclables once a week. city officials say if residents do their part the transition will be a smooth one. the new schedule will also result in stepped up enforcement of violations like
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putting your trash out on the street and not in trash cans. >> i understand there's a new policy now where things are supposed to be in closed trash cans but you can see that is not actually taking place. >> you got to keep this in mind, if you put your trash out on the wrong day for the next three months you'll get a warning. after that they say they will start fining you. if you want to learn more, we've posted a link to their web site on ours, just head to to find out your new trash collection days in the schedules they have offered. here we are, less than two weeks to go before the ravens report to westminster and we get a hit like this. >> it's unbelievable. surprising news yesterday after working in owings mills, working out yesterday, derrick mason, the best receiver in team history walked away and then literally walked away. the ravens say he never said a word. and then word surfaced on the web site -- on a web site that he's retiring. he said he was emotionally upset over losing his friend and former teammate steve
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mcnair but the ravens say mason hasn't filled out the required paperwork so this isn't finished yet. >> if i change my mind it won't be because of the ravens. i think it will be other things, my family and talking with other people. and i still got to talk with coaches over there. but i don't think as far as financially they can do anything to kind of sway me. >> we'll watch this today because if mason holds on to retirement the ravens have to scramble to find a number one target for joe flacco. that's the story rob carlin will be working on for us today from owings mills. abc2 is working for you with another way to cope in these tough economic times. >> how to change the bottom line number on your cell phone for a better bill. we'll explain. it's great to have a designated driver but not your 11-year-old son. and baltimore city firefighters this morning hoping that you will come to their rescue. 6:10 on a clear and chilly
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morning. latest temperature now 60 degrees at bwi marshall. that is two degrees off the record low and we could have a record low tonight. we'll talk about that next. right now let's go to the roads with kim. >> there's a large piece of wood on the north side of the inner loop at the security boulevard exit so definitely use caution there. 95 southbound approaching whitemarsh boulevard is problem-free at this time. we'll be right back.
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have you stayed at a downtown baltimore street corner to see how many people have a cell phone up to their ears? we're up to here with cell phone bills now. >> carla wohl shows you how to change the number on your bill for the better. >> reporter: it is a necessity in today's connected world. but cell phones can be very expensive. >> about $150 a month. >> reporter: figuring out how to save can be confusing. consider that the four major carriers offer 210 plans and those plans have optional add on. >> as a matter of fact, there's about 10 million combinations of add on and plans you can come up with. >> reporter: shork made
6:15 am to cut the confusion. then your computer does its thing, analyzing your usage and in this case comparing more than 7 million plan combinations. even takes into account signal strength. the result? this customer could save $830 over two years by switching plans. slork says most people can save. >> on average we find eight out of 10 people are paying too much for wireless service and often by $300 or more. >> reporter: for customers who use cell phones sparingly -- prepaid plans can be the best way to go. there's no contract and no early termination fee. >> with the prepaid plan they can go $20 a month if they choz to and they can save a lot of money. >> reporter: another tip to avoid the extra charges for dialing information. instead dial 1-800-free-411 or
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1-800-goog-411, it doesn't cost a dime. carla wohl, abc news, los angeles. >> our wonderful producer upstairs pays how much? >> $30 a month. that's cheap. if you're interested in money-saving tips for anything in your life, check our "financial survival guide." you can get a laptop for just a dollar. and we're also going to tell you, on there today, how to avoid rental scams targeting you on craigslist. check out for our "financial survival guide." let's find out about the weather now with justin berk. 6:16. halfway through july. check out these temperatures. head back across this part of the bay, 60 in baltimore. i mentioned earlier just two degrees off the pace of the record 58 set back just 10 years ago. we could get close to that as we dip back maybe in the next half-hour before the sun starts to do its thing.
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york, pa, 47 degrees. that is chilly. and the chill continues to flow in across the area. look back towards altoona 48. 53 pittsburgh. some places across the great lakes will struggle to reach 70. we'll get there before lunchtime, though. but we've got this cool flow out of the northwest and that will continue for today and in through tomorrow. in fact our forecast model highlighting the clear skies and near probably record lows tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon sunshine followed by increasing clouds. that is the gray shading you see here. the whiter colors, that's thicker cloud cover towards the mountains by 5:00 pp. showers arrive through western and central pennsylvania and western maryland. those will likely fall apart overnight. this thursday morning we could have sprinkles around the bay for the morning commute but then the better chance of storms in the afternoon. today's two-degree guarantee near normal, 86 degrees, that is back to about where we belong this time of year and we can thank low humidity for that. it will feel absolutely pleasant. for tonight, my forecast low of
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55 is going to put us below the record of 57 set back 10 years ago. so we're on pace here to at least maybe set a record this morning. most likely set a record by tomorrow morning. then recovering though with low humidity again. we can really spread these temperatures out during the day, and back to 87, partly cloudy, in the afternoon. remember, catch us on-line, if you go to the computer to you can check out the latest temperatures from the hourly updates and of course our interactive doppler radar and our graphics there at the bottom of your computer screen. 6:18. let's go back to the roads with kim. >> thank you. traffic is beginning to pick up just a little bit us a make your way southbound on 83 from the pennsylvania state line through parkton to the beltway. there nor delays to let you know about at this time. however, if you're traveling the inner loop near the security boulevard exit there is a large piece of wood in the roadway, so definitely use caution there. still working a crash in the city, that is howard street at 21st street. and a crash in rivera beach in the road at main avenue,
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remains on the scene there. 95 southbound approaching whitemarsh boulevard, some increased volume but traffic flowing freely at this time. back to you. all of a sudden i heard what i thought was like a bomb. and the house shook. >> the house explosion in pennsylvania kills two people. this happened last night in dixon county near scranton. the blast shook neighbors from their sleep. they say they heard a couple that was living in the home crying for help but nobody was able to save them. the couple's son did make it out with only minor injuries. no word this morning on what caused this explosion. >> i was just standing like this. there was something in there. i was standing like this. >> here is a story that did not stay in vegas. a father too drunk to drive and had his son drive him home. here's the problem, junior is only 11. they were coming home from the grocery store. dad is now charged with child
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endangerment. we're going to have the latest on southwest inspection of nearly 200 of its jets. >> after a jet bound for bwi marshall makes an emergency landing because there's a hole in the fuselage. and a woman doing grocery shopping finds a creep in aisle four. we'll tell but this story in a second. first let's go to new york and have the latest in business news with jeremy hubbard. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. topping your "moneyscope report" -- fresh evidence that the financial crisis is far from over. government officials are said to be inganced talks to -- advanced talks to provide aid for the c.i.t. group. the company has about one million clients including drunkin doughnuts and dillards. if c.i.t. fails financing to the companies could be cut off potentially dealing a devastating blow to the economy. the federal deficit has soared to new heights this year. the deficit topped $1 trillion for the first time ever. some of the reasons for the red ink include government efforts to fight the recession,
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declining tax revenues and the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the fast-growing deficit is intensifying fears about higher interest rates and inflation. prices at the pump have fallen again. gas dropped an average of 8 cents a gallon in the past week to $2.53, down almost 40% from a year ago when gas was at a record high of more than $4 a gallon. exxonmobil announcing a major investment in alternative energy today. "the new york times" reports the oil giant will spend $600 million to develop buyow fuels from algae. the company says any large scale commercial plants are at least five years away but they claim algae is greater potential than corn, used in ethanol. a firm is buying up $5 million of facebook shares from employees at $15 a share. that values facebook at $6.5 billion, not bad for a
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5-year-old company launched in a dorm room. coming up on "good morning america" -- goldman sachs is reporting huge profits just weeks after returning its government bailout. how did they do it? and is it fair? that's on gma. that is your "moneyscope report." i'm jeremy hubbard.
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again, we got this cool start. mid-50s to mid-60s. this afternoon nice recovery. it will be a beautiful day. low humidity, mostly sunny, high of 86. tonight that 55 will be a brand new record low, again, after midnight. dated the 15th of july. i think we'll have tomorrow morning a record low.
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bouncing back to 87 tomorrow afternoon. and 89 on thursday with showers and thunderstorms. we'll knock it to the mid-80s friday. looks like a wave of low pressure will lock us in with clouds, chance of showers and thunderstorms and cool wind. saturday could very well be stuck in the 70s. 79 now, recovery on sunday, back to 84 and staying in the low to mid-80s, again, below normal leading into early next week. 6:25. back to the roads as you go back to work. >> thank you. as we check the beltway now on the west side, between 70 and liberty road there are no problems to let you know about. however, inner loop near security boulevard exit some debris in the road. use caution, it's reported as a large piece of wood. also in the city, still working that crash howard street at 21st street. and in anne arundel county, that's rivera beach area, arundel road at maine avenue, a crash on the scene there. this is 95 southbound, making your way towards whitemarsh boulevard and the 695/895 split. we have a little increased volume but no trace to let you -- delays to let you know
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about at this time. back to you. >> thank you. feeling a little old? like maybe it's too late to start something new in life or try something new? before you think that check out this new story. i want to introduce you to irma sagazi. from idaho. she loves being on the water. she doesn't let age get in her way of anything she wants to do. in fact, at 100 years old, irma considers herself a living example of the benefits that come from staying active. incredible enough but get this, irma didn't take up kayaking until she have 89 -- until she was 89. >> i started and i said i feel just like a swan. it was so beautiful. >> she's the cutest thing in the world. this is also really cool -- if you're wondering what she's up to now, she's just learning how to play the piano. >> wow. that's great for her, huh? >> awesome. a disabled sheep gets a new leash, lease on life here.
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look at this -- wiley the sheep is missing a leg. he has a new set of wheels and it's making a lot easier for him to get around. an exhaustive search led a company in new york that makes customized carts for these animals and the cart cost the animal rescue service $2,000 but say it was worth every penny. wiley can be up with his best friend pudding the goat. how about that? >> there's a woman in calvert counties who has disabled pets and they all are pets that are on wheels. >> with carts? >> yes. incredible. >> way to go. great story. coming up next on "good morning maryland" - >> a suspect is on the loose this morning. >> one man is dead, police are searching for the gunman after a four-hour standoff. i'm sherrie johnson. i'll have the latest on this search.
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